Smaller classes good teachers and they can pray in school
We signed our youngest up for Kindergarten at Holy Rosary during the pandemic and will never look back. We love the staff, class sizes, attention to student worth ethic and curriculum. The incorporation of the Catholic Faith and traditions into everyday school life has been both refreshing and a great blessing.
This is the best school I’ve been to. I graduated here and once I went to high school I found out that I had been ahead of my class. I had accelerated through high school in 3 years instead of two!! And I thank Holy Rosary staff especially the teachers who do such a great job!!!
Values are tought there, which are seriously missing from public schools.
I love sending my son to Holy Rosary! For the last 3 years he has really enjoyed going to school. I love the academics and the staff is amazing. Holy Rosary has changed our lives in such a positive way.
As an alumni of this great school, i can promise you it becomes more of a family than a school. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and memories because my parents made the great choice to send me to Holy Rosary
We have been a part of Holy Rosary family for the second year and I could not have made a better switch. The class sizes are small. There is tutoring available and both of my children are treated as individuals and their instruction is tailored to their needs. My girls are thriving here far exceeding my hopes and expectations
The 2019 Christmas Christmas was so entertaining. It is always an event we look forward to every year. What a wonderful way to showcase our school family and the group and individual talent of our students. If you missed it, be sure to attend next year.
My children have attended Holy Rosary since kindergarten (9 years), I value the sense of community I get from being part of the school, the fact that I can have a conversation with the principal any time I want to, and that the teachers are so dedicated and committed to the students. I do not believe that there is a better place for my children to attend school!
Christmas concert was wonderful as always.
Smaller congregation for those who prefer
My Grand Daughter loves this school and the teachers give her the extra attention she needed. THANKS!
I went there for elementary school and middle school and I would not trade it for anything.
Our daughter started Kindergarten at Holy Rosary in the fall. The staff is amazing, the lessons are personalized and the entire community is involved. We are so happy we chose this school and our daughter loves it too.
We love sending our Daughter to Holy Rosary. The Catholic School setting is great. We love to attention she gets from the Teachers and Staff. All the parents are great and everyone loves helping out. Definitely a place the kids are taught responsibility, respect and a great work ethic.
Great teachers and Great staff,children get lots of one on one attention,small class size
For me there was absolutely no other choice for where my son would go to school, small teacher to student ratio, teachers who understand not only education but human behavior and have the love and patience to work with each child as an individual I am so happy!
As a public educator, I know first hand the challenges facing local school districts. I choose to send my child to Holy Rosary because it provides a nurturing faith based environment for her to learn and grow.