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students will be provided with critical foundations in writing narratives, informationals, and argument texts along with refining spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills. In American History, we explore history from the Age of Exploration to the end of the Civil War.Holy Rosary Catholic School | Middle School

6th and 7th Grades World History: Students will be focusing on early World History and Geography from the beginning of time until around 1500, focusing on content literacy, historical thinking, inquiry, analyzing, organizing evidence, and using evidence to create accounts that answer questions or problems.

Eighth Grade “United States History – Beginning to 1877.” The main concepts covered: NW Empires, 13 Colonies, Our New Nation, Expanding the West, and the Civil War.



6th Grade: Students will master all 4 operation with decimals and fractions. They will become more fluent with 3 dimensional figures, negatives, and algebraic operations.

7th Grade: Students will be able to demonstrate mastery in all the 4-6th grade skills as well as begin Pre-Algebra topics like equations, 3 dimension volume surface area, and probability.

8th grade Students take on the 9th grade Algebra curriculum and will master equations while solving linear systems and quadratic equations.Holy Rosary Catholic School | Middle School


6th Grade: The blueprint for a life of love: the law of God, especially in the Ten Commandments, and the presence of Jesus in the Holy Mass. The interaction of the challenges of God’s law and his gifts of grace that help us fulfill his law.

7th Grade: Grace as our link with God, his gift to us to bring us to Himself and his eternal life, with an emphasis on transmission of grace through the seven sacraments and on God s loving gifts of revelation, of himself through the prophets, the Incarnation, and the Church. The role of grace in developing the virtues.

8th Grade: The history of the Church–its founding by Christ, its birth in the Holy Spirit, the marks of the one, true Church, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the saints and the role of the religious and laity up to the present. The structure of the Church Jesus planned, the role of the Magisterium, the clergy, the religious and the laity and our own vocations.



Holy Rosary Catholic School | Middle School

The 5th/6th grade focus on novel studies, finding deeper meaning of what the author is trying to teach us, as well as reading books/genres that they normally wouldn’t pick up on their own.

In our middle school science (6th-8th), we use Stanford NGSS Integrated Curriculum: An Exploration of a Multidimensional World to also help teach the 3 sciences.

About Holy Rosary

Holy Rosary Catholic School exists for the purpose of assisting parents in the formation of their children according to Catholic principles. We are committed to transmitting our Catholic heritage to all students and enabling them to experience the Gospel in daily life. Students are recognized and respected as unique individuals reflecting the image of God. Teachers affirm the self-worth of each student and promote their desire to grow in his or her talents and abilities.

Holy Rosary Catholic School | Middle School