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Welcome to Holy Rosary

70 Years of Academic Excellence

Holy Rosary Catholic School is dedicated to forming students spiritually, academically, and emotionally to live out the Great Commission.

Holy Rosary Catholic School | Holy Rosary SchoolCongratulations and welcome! Thank you for choosing Holy Rosary Catholic School for your child(ren)’s education. You and your children are invited to read the following information about our school. This handbook will give you our vision and hope for your children, our expectations, and policies.

May your years with us be filled with personal growth, especially in ways that challenge the mind, build a partnership, strengthen a strong, faith-filled, loving community, and draw us all closer to God. May we always strive to do His most Holy Will.

Yours always in the love of Christ and the ministry of Catholic Education,

The Staff of Holy Rosary Catholic School

Students are recognized and respected as unique individuals reflecting the image of God.
Teachers affirm the self-worth of each student and promote their desire to grow in his or her faith, talents, and abilities.
Teachers empower the students to reach their full potential, and also provide for individual differences in learning.
A secure foundation in basic skills is the support for academic excellence, which is enhanced by enrichment courses.