Holy Rosary Catholic School
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The Lion King by the Holy Rosary School Children

Rafiki Joseph Bennett
Zazu Joshua Bennett
Young Simba Ryder Ayers
Young Nala Ximena Estrada
Nala Rosemary Stacey
Mufasa Brysen Sorensen
Scar Alex Bissett
Timon Dorothy Stacey
Pumbaa Raine Davies
Shenzi Janiyah Richardson
Banzai Janaye Richardson
Ed Niko Schlosser
Sarabi LeAye Brown
Sarafina Evie Wright
Animals/Chorus/Where Needed Ramsay Davies/Bella Bennett/Samiyah Wiley/Lily Ross/Evie Wright

The Lion King Crew

  • Joshua Bennett
  • Malikye Ayers
  • Bella Bennett
  • Alex Bissett
  • Joseph Bennett
  • Evie Wright
  • Elena Mindlin
  • Marciana Manzo
  • Elijah Manzo

Alumni Helpers

  • Braeden Harbin
  • Heidi Hempel
  • Elizabeth Teuber
  • John Teuber
  • Michael Teuber
  • Lincoln Zuwala

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Special Sponsors and Thanks To:

  • Shirley Pincumbe
  • Rita Clapper
  • The Bennett Family
  • Chris and Maria Pavelich
  • Dave Slough
  • The Edwards Family
  • The Stacey Family
  • In Honor of Foster Love of Genesee County
  • Betty Gibson
  • Ann McMurray
  • Pat and Loretta O’Reilly
  • Emily Zuwala of Emily Z. Photography

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Holy Rosary Catholic School
5199 Richfield Road Flint, MI 48506 810 736 4220
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