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Holy Rosary Flint
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by Kim Kallas on Holy Rosary Flint
A Mother's Dream
What City Do You Live?: Genesee County
What High School did/will the Student Attend After Holy Rosary?: Powers

Even though I am an Alumni of Holy Rosary my husband, at first, was not on board with sending our daughter to Holy Rosary. I asked him to just go to the open house with me. He did. Within minutes of being in the halls he said, “this is where she is going!” We felt right from the beginning that Holy Rosary was a continuation of our family, with similar beliefs and moral standards for our daughter. I will always be grateful that we made the choice to send our daughter to Holy Rosary. The comfort I felt each day I dropped her off to school was a Mother’s dream. A safe place with a staff that truly cares about the successes of their students. They go above and beyond to meet the needs of each and every student . We thank God every day for guiding us to Holy Rosary.

by Heather on Holy Rosary Flint
Parent and Teacher
What City Do You Live?: Flint
What High School did/will the Student Attend After Holy Rosary?: Powers and Mott Middle

Initially when planning the educational foundation for our children it was going to in a public school setting. After sitting down and figuring out day care expenses, we were going to be spending much money for latch key alone. My sister, Teresa Bourque introduced us to Holy Rosary. At the time we were members at St. Mary's Mt. Morris. She indicated that Kindergarten was a full-day and that pulled me in with the understanding she would go back to public school because private education was expensive and had never entered our mind. So we sent my daughter, Kayleigh, off to kindergarten. She fell in love with her teacher. She was bringing home prayers to share. She met some great friends. Then in January of that year I was asked to come on board and teach 3rd grade for the remainder of the year. Then that fall, I was hired in full-time. Our entire family's life had changed. Absolutely for the better. We were able to enroll my son, Colin into the Child Day Care Center. Another great decision, but we were still concerned about money because I did not have a job. However, the wonderment of it all began when we were able to see our family transform into regular parishoners, involved in pretty much everything, and most of all, my kids were carrying the light of Jesus Christ around with them daily. We had and still have an amazing group of teachers, administration, priests and a CDC staff that was amazing in preparing my son to be away from his momma and I was right down the hall if he needed me. They instilled a work ethic in our children that was beyond anything I could imagine. They grew spiritually each year and that still holds true today. They are both still involved tremendously. As a family, we are closer and stronger in our faith than ever before which is worth every cent we paid. The education they received from Holy Rosary prepared them for high school, soaring academically each year. My oldest, Kayleigh went off to Powers Catholic High School and continued to excel in academics and her faith keeps growing. We feel comfortable sending her to CMU for her college exerience as there is a church nearby and as Holy Rosary paved the way, we are sure she will still follow that path. Colin is beginning 9th grade and academically prepared to headi to Mott Middle College. He will not get the faith portion daily but if you know Colin he thinks he could do a sermon with Father Roy. This is all because of a leap of faith to save money. We gained so much more with our investment. We gained life long friends, a family atmosphere, and most importantly a love for our faith that we do not think would have been strengthened as much if we had chosen another educational route. Holy Rosary will always be my home and I hope our story inspires you to share your children with our loving staff and take the first steps in growing closer to God.

by Lincoln on Holy Rosary Flint
What City Do You Live?: Genesee Township

I am a current student at Holy Rosary, Holy Rosary is amazing, faith full, its all I could ask for in a school. Holy Rosary teaches kids right and wrong, to be mindful, to be caring, and to be forgiving, and loving. To sum is up, Holy Rosary is the best school ever, I couldn't ask for a better school.

by Elizabeth Wheeler on Holy Rosary Flint
What City Do You Live?: Davison
What High School did/will the Student Attend After Holy Rosary?: Kearsley

Sent all 3 of my kids through Holy Rosary, from K-8th grade. I wanted them to learn their Faith, and to be in a small, family type of school environment. My morals were reinforced at Holy Rosary, and THAT is something that a public school couldn't do. I have 2 graduates from High School, 2012 + 2014. I have 1 daughter left at Kearsley High School, she is a Senior now. (Class of 2019) As she was at Holy Rosary, most recently, I can say that she didn't miss out on anyrhing, other than things she didn't need to learn in grade school. She has done VERY well in High School, and looks to continue her success there. She has Varsitied in 2 sports, Bowling and Track, since her Freshmam Year. She has been in the Varsity Choir since 9th grade, as well. She is now the President of the Thespian Group in her school, an honor she recieved in her Junior year, andis Secretary of her Class in High School. We have made lifelong friends and "family" at Holy Rosary. I can not possibly relate, in words alone, how thoroughly Happy that I am, that I sent my kids there. I have nothing but Love for Holy Rosary School, and Pray regularly for it's continued success. 💖

by Matt smith on Holy Rosary Flint
What City Do You Live?: Davison
What High School did/will the Student Attend After Holy Rosary?: Davison

My Family/Grandparents helped to start Holy Rosary back in the 50’s. Mass was held in the Dowdall Family Farm House on Richfield Rd during the construction of the Church. The Super Fall Festival was held on the Farm for the first 2 years. My entire Family were educated & taught Catholicism at the school, back then by the Dominican Nuns. I attended the Day Care/ Grade School & High School graduating in 1993. The High School closed my Junior year. The opportunity this institution offered me by way of education, moral integrity & athletics is severely underrated. I am in indebted for the remainder of my life for my experiences there. The least I can do is highly recommend this School for other people to experience. This place has a Family feeling with Catholicism at its center. Please consider this School for your Family/ Children too. I’m a Holy Rosary Wolverine for LIFE & I take/live that statement with great Esteem & Pride! -Matt Smith Alumni

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