Holy Rosary Catholic School
5199 Richfield Road, Flint, MI 48506 (810) 736 4220

Faculty Vision Statement

As parents and educators, our most important goal is to ensure that every member of the school community will develop a personal relationship with God. Christ is the reason for our school. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus, Holy Rosary School is enriched by Catholic tradition and lived Gospel values, and is enhanced by the daily prayer and weekly celebration of liturgy and sacraments. The Eucharist is the heart of life in our school, and we draw our strength from it. We teach the students to respond to the universal call to holiness and encourage them to grow in virtue. We further nurture children’s knowledge and the practice of their faith and guide them to serve others through the use of their gifts and talents. We help the children in character formation based on Catholic values and morals.

Holy Rosary School works to create an atmosphere that mirrors Christ’s Gospel of love, recognizes the dignity of each person, and encourages each student’s ownership of his/her own speech and actions.

Holy Rosary School wants each student to become a lifelong learner, with experiences that empower him/her to search for the truth, to employ his/her creative imagination, to think critically and independently, to exercise right judgment, to make free and responsible choices, and use their gifts and talents in service of others.

Holy Rosary School strives to aid the parents in forming students to become Disciples of Christ and upright citizens, empowering them with a joyful vision and hope of a better world. Holy Rosary School encourages and equips students to make a difference in this world by embracing God’s Will and helping to bring about the Kingdom of God.

Congratulations and welcome! Thank you for choosing Holy Rosary Catholic School for your child(ren)’s education. You and your children are invited to read the following information about our school. This handbook will give you our vision and hope for your children, our expectations, and policies.

May your years with us be filled with personal growth, especially in ways that challenge the mind, build a partnership, strengthen a strong, faith-filled, loving community, and draw us all closer to God. May we always strive to do His most Holy Will.

Yours always in the love of Christ and the ministry of Catholic Education,

The Staff of Holy Rosary Catholic School

Open Houses

Holy Rosary continuously has open houses throughout the year. You can refer to our calendar for more information , however, you are always welcome to come take a tour of the school! Call us at 810 736 4220.

Holy Rosary is not far from Davison, Mt. Morris, Powers, and Burton.

Holy Rosary helps build character, and is committed to educational excellence.

Holy Rosary is established, with a history of over 50 years, and growth for the future years.

Holy Rosary is ready for your child(ren) today. Come witness where the Son always Shines!

Drop Off/Pick Up INFO
Our drop off procedure and bell schedule will not have you waiting in line for long periods!