Holy Rosary Catholic School
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Philosophy of Education

Holy Rosary Catholic School exists for the purpose of assisting parents in the formation of their children according to Catholic principles. We are committed to transmitting our Catholic heritage to all students and enabling them to experience the Gospel in daily life.

Students are recognized and respected as unique individuals reflecting the image of God. Teachers affirm the self-worth of each student and promote their desire to grow in his or her talents and abilities. Teachers empower the students to reach their full potential, and also provide for individual differences in learning. A secure foundation in basic skills is the support for academic excellence, which is enhanced by enrichment courses.

Religious education fosters faith and moral development in each student. Through Christian service, the students incorporate what they learn in daily life. Prayer, education, and service assist students in beginning their lifelong journey according to our faith tradition.

Education Philosophy

Character Formation


Developing moral character, along with educational goals, is incorporated into the total learning expectation of each student.


Each week, a virtue will be studied. The main objective of Holy Rosary’s virtue program is to offer students, teachers, and parents a means to know, value, practice, and internalize virtues in a consistent and committed manner. The focus is on the practice and acquisition of specific virtues. A virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to do the right thing. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of oneself (CC 1803).


Students in Holy Rosary School are providing ongoing opportunities to exercise virtue on a daily basis. Virtue is taught and encouraged in all activities and circumstances of school life. The goal is to help students intellectually understand and internalize the virtues they are asked to practice. This serves to make these virtues part of their own life principles, helping them to become true leaders of character. For this reason, Holy Rosary considers formation in virtue to be a vital component of the educational program.

Diocese of Lansing

Holy Rosary School uses the Disciple of Christ Education Virtue Program adopted by the Diocese of Lansing.

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